an ancient Buddhist temple situated in Pilimathalawa | Gadaladeniya Temple

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The planning of Gadaladeniya goes back to the Gampola era and built up during the period of the first king of Gampola Bhuwaneka Bahu IV (1341-1351).

According to the stone inscription in temple, the temple was designed by a monk, whose identity is unknown. The monk assumed to have gathered the knowledge of architecture in Amarawathi (Central Indian) and he has introduced some Indian effects to the construction such as frescoes of elephants and Ganas. The temple is made of stones and differs from the other temples in the vicinity such as Lanktilaka and Embekke.

When you enter to the temple you can see the Dageba ( pagoda) by your right hand side. Actually this consist of one main Dageba with four small ones. The main Dageba is covered with a roof. There are four small shrine rooms around main Dageba with four more stupas built in a ring around the main one.

The Boo tree is located in front of the dageba and there is an old inscription located by it. There is a fence to prevent from damaging. Dageba and statue of Lord Buddha which have become one of the most recognisable and unique features of Gadaladeniya Temple.

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Gadaladeniya  Temple is located at Pilimathalawa, Kandy. When you are coming from Colombo to Kandy, Gadaladeniaya temple road is at your right hand side. After taking that turn from Pilimathalawa, you have to travel another 2 km. The famous Embekke Devalaya and Lanka Thilaka Viharaya also located close by. The distance to the temple about 10 km from Kandy city and can be reached easily by bus or taxi. Parking area also available. Temple is located on a small natural hill made of granite stones, the temple is surrounded by a small hamlet.

When you come here you can have amazing photographs and feel the real historic values in Sri Lanka.


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