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Lankathilaka Temple
Lankathilaka Temple

A brief history of Lankathilaka

According to historical reports, Gampola King Buwanekabahu IV commend the construction of Lankathilaka Temple to his Chief Minister Senalankadhikara in 1344 AD. Sthapati Rayar (South Indian architect) was responsible for the design which mixing Sinhalese architectural techniques of the Polonnaruwa era with Dravidian and Indo-Chinese styles. 

The Temple building took the shape of a cross with the four sides bulge outward. Anyway, it was originally built up with four stories high, even though today we can see only the ground floor and part of the first floor.

Lankatilaka Temple was dedicated to the worship of Lord Buddha as well as several deities including Deitys Vishnu, Vibhishana, Skandhakumara, Saman and Kumara Bandara (to whom the Temple was relegated). 

The Lankatilaka Raja Maha Vihara can be reached from two directions. One entrance is through the Sanghawasa, located at the bottom of the rock. One can see big rice storage bins known as ‘Atuwa’ within the vihara complex.

The Vihara premises constitute of the Temple building, the Dageba (Chaithya) and the Bo tree. A huge image of Lord Budhha’s footprint carved of stone and known as the Buddha Siripatula can be seen near the Bodhigharaya. 

The main Temple or else Buddha Image House is built of granite covered with plaster and enhance three stories high. Amazing paintings on walls and ceiling inside this building providing a scene of rich color and skillful craftsmanship.

Travel plan for a visit

If coming from Colombo Fort you can get a Colombo-Kandy bus and get down from Pilimathalaw town. A short distance of around 4km is all it takes to reach Lankatilaka Temple, via Pilimathalawa-Daulagala road. Otherwise, you can get a taxi. It takes just 3 1/2 hours. The distance from Colombo to Pilimathalaw is about 110km. If you coming from Katunayake AirPort take a bus. Get down, Colombo Fort. And then you can access using a bus or vehicle.

Other places near Lankathilaka Temple

When traveling Sri Lanka you can see enchanting historical places such as Gadaladeniya Temple, Embekka, Ranawana Purana Rajamaha Viharaya. 

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

so come and feel the real architectural, historical values of these places. Add beautiful memories to your life!

Lankathilaka Temple one of the amazing architectural place in Sri Lanka


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