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Anuradhapura | Travel Sri Lanka With Us


 A small introduction about the city

               Anuradhapura is a city of rich wonders collection of ancient ruins. It is the capital city of North Central Province and a major city in Sri Lanka. It is one of the cities of the cultural triangle as well as is one of the world heritage sites in Sri Lanka.

According to the Mahawansa it was the 1st capital city of Sri Lanka during the governed of king Pandukabaya in 4th century BC. The remains of the building, temple, monasteries, sculpture, lake and pound built by our ancient ancestors are found there. They are national treasures of Sri Lanka. As well they are considered the national heritage of Sri Lanka. Considering the cultural and historical value of these works, the city was included in the world heritage list in 1982. Feel the golden age of Sri Lanka. So, travel there with travel Sri Lanka.

How to arrival from Colombo

               Do you want to travel??? You can reach using different ways. You can go via Puttalam road. It is an easy option to reach to place. If you have enough money you can hire a vehicle of your choice. It is better to reach quickly. As well you can visit nice places along the way. Travel time of this journey will be around 3h 40m. If you start to travel from Colombo Fort Station it is covered by about 212km.

Due to road traffic, another easy option is to access by train. Daily trains are in Colombo Railway Station to go to Anuradhapura. You can take this train to reach. It will take around 3h 50m for the journey. If want to travel by bus take a bus from Colombo Fort Station. It is better to go in the early morning. Because of road traffic is less at that time. This journey time takes around 5h 15m.

 Colombo Fort to Anuradhapura (Travel Sri Lanka With Us)
Colombo Fort to Anuradhapura (Travel Sri Lanka With Us)

How to arrival from Katunayake AirPort

               If coming from Katunayake AirPort you can either hair a vehicle or take a bus to reach. This travel time will be 3 ½ hours, covering 168km.

Bandaranaike Airport to Anuradhapura (Travel Sri Lanka With Us)

Things to do

               Do you like to find Sri Lankan mesmerize history??? Yes, you can do it. This is a perfect place for that. If you explore here, a civilization of Sri Lankan people, their culture, how to build ancient buildings and other things could be found. Wonderful archaeological, as well as architectural things, are lined the whole city. If so explore here, collect the history of Sri Lanka in your travel Sri Lanka. There are the most comfortable accommodations to stay in your vacation perfectly such as hotels, homestay.

Places to visit

               If you like a bicycle tour you can take it to discover freely. Otherwise, take a guide to visit magnificent places. These evocative sights give super views. You will amaze and you will love them.  It is very important to know Sri Lankan voluble history briefly. This city is very popular among Buddhists. You can worship when go to the temple, sculpture. As well you can also relax with meditation or yoga.

There is much to visit at here. Especially eight major places are very important to see in your travel Sri Lanka. There are Sri Maha Bodhi, Ruwanwelisaya, Thuparamaya, Lovamahapaya, Jetavanaramaya, Abhayagiri Dagaba, Mirisaveti Stupa and Lankarama. And also you can see Kuttam Pokuna, Samadhi Buddha and Monastery.

  • Ruwanwelisaya
  • Sri Maha Bodhi
    Sri Maha Bodhi
  • Lankarama
  • Lovamahapaya
  • Samadhi Buddha
    Samadhi Buddha

Let me tell briefly about Anuradhapura

Get up in your busy life. Travel to enchanting places in your travel Sri Lanka. It gives happiness. Don’t forget to join your lovers for travel Sri Lanka. So, enjoy as you wish.


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