One of the top ten surf destination – Arugam Bay | Travel Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay | Travel Sri Lanka With Us

Arugam Bay is the most popular surf spot and is also the only international surf competition venue in Sri Lanka.

A small introduction about the city

               Arugam Bay is one of the surfing paradises in the world. This surf town is located in the Ampara district of the Eastern Province. It is situated on the Southeast Coast of Sri Lanka. It has a great, amazing beach view. And also that creates the best surf point. There is not just the beach here. Jungles, lagoons, rivers, mangroves and paddy fields are around the village. Therefore this village is a hot spot of biological diversity. So, if you come here, you can get a marvelous experience in your life with travel Sri Lanka. I’m sure, you will really enjoy that time. So, start to pack your travel bag and come to this magical place.

 How to arrival from Colombo

The best way to reach is to take a taxi or to hire a vehicle. It will be a stress-free journey. When coming from Colombo it takes just over 6-7 hours for travel time. Otherwise, you can take either a train journey or bus. But it wastes your time because of it takes over 10-12 hours. If you travel at night by bus it takes about 7 hours. When coming from Colombo Fort station, you can take a Pottuvil bus. The Pottuvil bus leaves from Colombo Fort Station at about 5 a.m and 8 a.m. If you like to come by train from Colombo Railway Station, you can take tickets to go to Batticaloa. Because there is no direct train to reach Arugam Bay. Get down Batticaloa and take a tuk-tuk to reach. 

Colombo Fort to Arugam Bay (Travel Sri Lanka)
Colombo Fort to Arugam Bay (Travel Sri Lanka With Us)

How to arrival from Katunayake AirPort

When you are coming from Katunayake AirPort you take the bus to Colombo Fort station and then take the Pottuvil bus. Otherwise, you can take a taxi or hire a vehicle. It will be a pretty simple way to reach to place easily. Its travel time will be about 8 hours, covering 325 km.                   

Bandaranaike Airport to Arugam Bay (Travel Sri Lanka With Us)

Things to do and places to visit          

              When you are traveling here in your travel Sri Lanka there are lots of interesting activities such as surfing, diving, bird watching, wildlife, dining biking, snorkeling, etc. From June to September, you can get most activities with a great time. Therefore you can get super surf experience and enjoyable days. 

              July, August, and September are the most suitable months for surfing. There are 11surf-breaks but 7-8 surf-breaks are very popular among them. This surf- breaks are the Main point, Elephant Rock, Lighthouse, Whiskey point, Pottuvil Point, Peanut Farm, Panama, and Okanda. When stay here you can swim, travel through wildlife. As this city is covered by dry zone forest can be seen in wildlife such as elephants, bears, and birds.  Safari jeeps help to look at amazing views in the forest. You can see a variety of birds especially during in the months of November and December because they migrating season of them is in this area. 

  • Kumana National Park
    Kumana National Park
  • Pottuvil Point
    Pottuvil Point
  • Kudumbigala Monastery
    Kudumbigala Monastery
  • Muhudu Maha Vihara
    Muhudu Maha Vihara
  • Surfing Paradises Arugam Bay
    Surfing Paradises Arugam Bay

Let me tell briefly about Arugam Bay

So, get ready to travel here with travel Sri Lanka. There are the most beautiful places such as Kumana National Park, Kudumbigala Sanctuary, Luhugala Sanctuary, Crocodile Rock, Kudumbigala Monastery, Muhudu Maha Vihara, and Tharulengala Raja Maha Viharaya. Take a lagoon safari. Find Sri Lankan history in this village. Enjoy Sri Lankan street food with a peaceful evening. Nightlife is marvelous here. Because of it creates a magical night. There are so many beach parties. Usually, they start at sundown. Arugam Bay is waiting for you. Come to here. Get nice experiences. Enjoy as you wish with your friends and family.



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