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A small introduction about the city

               It is the largest islet in Sri Lanka. This island is known as the sun-blasted island. It has been very famous as the widest tree in Sri Lanka as well as pearl fishing. It was a trading city mostly dominated by Arab merchants where was later ruled by Portuguese and then Dutch, Brits. There is a fort that was built by Portuguese and then taken by Dutch. Therefore it was called a Dutch Fort. There are most accommodation where are most travelers stop. It had been colonial history.

                  Especially, the best pearls are found here. Therefore they are produced to the world. This very voluble city is located in Mannar District of Northern Province in Sri Lanka. The North-Western coastline of this island has the lagoon, beautiful beaches as well as fishermen’s villages. The island is covered by the beauty of nature.

How to arrival from Colombo

                 Would you travel here??? This city is different from other cities in Sri Lanka. So, come here and feel that different. When you are coming from Colombo the cheapest and easy way is to travel by train. There is a train to reach here from Colombo Railway Station twice daily. The travel time of this journey takes around 7h 30m. If you like to go by bus you can take a Colombo-Talaimannar bus from Colombo Fort. And then get down at Mannar. You can take a taxi or tuk-tuk for the rest of journey. This journey time will be around 6h 30m, and covering 316km. When going at night it takes around 5 hours.

Colombo Fort to Mannar (Travel Sri Lanka With Us)

How to arrival from Katunayake AirPort

When coming from Katunayake Air Port take the bus from Colombo Bastian Mawatha Bus Terminal to Vavuniya. Get down at Vavuniya. Get and then taking the vehicle of your choice to go to the place which will take around 9h 15m. Otherwise, take a taxi to reach to place directly.

Bandaranaike Airport to Mannar (Travel Sri Lanka With Us)

Things to do and places to visit

                  When traveling here go to Keeri beach where is good for swimming. And also crazy monkeys own palm forest in here as their houses. When traveling through that forest you can see Monkeys’ crazy works. They will get fun for you. A cluster of baobab trees found here in which the widest tree in Sri Lanka is. And also there are the huge meditation halls, churches, and kovils were lots of people gather to pray and to do meditation or yoga. And there’s a Lighthouse there. These activates will relax your mind if do. There are so many pilgrims during August as well as February. One reason is Madhu Church is holding an annual festival each August. And also you can visit Trirukketees Waram Kovil that is established to protect this island from natural disasters. So, you can enjoy the festival of this Kovil each February that is called a Maha Sivarathiya festival.

  • Mannar
  • Mannar Kovil
    Mannar Kovil
  • Madhu Church
    Madhu Church
  • Palm Forest
    Palm Forest
  • Pearl Hunt Mannar
    Pearl Hunt Mannar
  • Baobab Tree
    Baobab Tree

Let me tell briefly about Mannar

                 There are top sights to visit here such as the fort, Baobab tree Pallimunai, Lagoon and Keeri beach. So, Enjoy as you wish in your travel Sri Lanka. It will get nice moments. Collect those nice moments and full your travel Sri Lanka.



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