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A small introduction about the city

Jaffna is a town of one of the seaside towns. It is located on the North coast of Sri Lanka and is the capital city of Northern Province. Jaffna is not an island but it is a peninsula. As the Jaffna Fort, this seaside town is very famous all over the world. The fort which was built by the Portuguese built, and which the Dutch renovated in 1680. It is the second-largest Dutch Fort in Sri Lanka

                The Jaffna district is one of the 25 districts organized into the nine provinces, an artificial creation of the Colonial British (1815-1948) for the purposes of administration of the Island of Sri Lanka, then called Ceylon.

                Prior to the Sri Lankan Civil War, it was Sri Lanka’s second-most populous city after Colombo. The 1980s insurgent uprising led to extensive damage, the expulsion of part of the population, and military occupation. Since the end of civil war in 2009, refugees and internally displaced people began returning to homes, while government and private sector reconstruction started taking place. The LTTE again occupied the city from 1989 until 1995, when the Sri Lankan Army regained control. 

                   Would you love to get in touch with the natural beauty in city? So, why are you late? Get ready to travel here. The perfect place is to travel. It looks so peaceful.

How to arrival from Colombo

                  There is a direct train service from Colombo (Maradana Railway Station) to Jaffna. It will get a beautiful scenic journey. Also You can reach by the NO: 87  bus. It can take from Colombo Fort Bus Station. The bus reaches to Jaffna along the Chilaw – Colombo Main Road and takes around 8 hours. If you like to travel by taxi take a taxi to reach easily.

Colombo Fort to Jaffna (Travel Sri Lanka With Us)
Colombo Fort to Jaffna (Travel Sri Lanka With Us)

How to arrival from Katunayake AirPort

If coming from Katunayake AirPort take the bus to Colombo Bastian Mawatha Bus Terminal and then take either the train from Colombo Railway Station or the bus from Colombo Fort Station. Otherwise, you can take a taxi to reach to place directly which takes around 6h 45m, covering 373km.

Jaffna Airport

                         SLAF Palaly (IATA: JAF) is a domestic airport located 18km north of the city of Jaffna at Palali, Kankesanturai. The airport was built by the RAF, as RAF Kankesanturai during World War II. The Palaly airport at Kankesanturai is managed by Daya Airlines (Colombo – Ratmalana), Deccan Airways (Colombo- Ratmalana), Colombo (Colombo-Bandaranaike), Expo Aviation (Colombo-Ratmalana).

In early October 2019 the airport was made a regional airport, re-named Jaffna International Airport and placed under the jurisdiction of the CAA. AAS were appointed operator of the civilian side of the airport. 

Alliance Air was expected to run scheduled flights from Chennai to Jaffna three times a week from 1 November 2019. However, on 1 November 2019 the CAA announced that the flights would begin on 10 November 2019. FitsAir has said that they would operate charter flights to Chennai from 8 November 2019 and charter flights to Tiruchirappalli International Airport from 10 November 2019.

Things to do and places to visit

               When coming here if you like to find the history of this city you can collect information from Jaffna Library. And also you can go to temples, churches, kovil,  mosques and then worship. Explore here on foot or bicycle. Then you can enjoy the beauty. Various boutiques, stylish cafes, and restaurants, hotels are found here. Many of these are owned by foreigners such as artists, designers, poets, photographers, and writers. These are lined along the little streets. Go shopping and buy souvenirs, clothes, jewelry as well as gems.

               As unique things of the city, it makes feelings of Europe environment you that you will forget you are in Sri Lanka. Wander the whole city and little streets. Then you can feel it. Architectural of hotels, shops, and other things represent it perfectly.

               The transportation system of this town is excellent which makes it easy for travelers to communicate in and around for sightseeing and shopping.   Here afternoon sun is very nice. It gives you a breathtaking sunset. Enjoy that beautiful moment in your Travel Sri Lanka. Here nightlife is not perfect. Because of lots of restaurants and other shops are not open till late at night.

  • Sangiliyan Thoppu
    Sangiliyan Thoppu
  • Public Library, Jaffna
    Public Library, Jaffna
  • Nallur Temple
    Nallur Temple
  • Charty Beach
  • Dambakola Patuna
    Dambakola Patuna
  • Casuarina Beach
    Casuarina Beach
  • Naguleswaram Temple
    Naguleswaram Temple
  • Jaffna Fort
    Jaffna Fort

Let me tell briefly about Jaffna

               So get a nice journey with travel Sri Lanka. When traveling here don’t miss these places. There are many places to explore in this location but we have picked the top 10 places to visit in Jaffna. Sangiliyan Thoppu, Jaffna Library, Nallur Temple, Nainatheevu, Jaffna Fort, Kandarodei Temple, Keerinalain (Naguleswaram Temple), Casuarina Beach, Dambakola Patuna, Charty Beach.  Don’t forget to join your lovers in your Travel Sri Lanka. Enjoy As you wish this journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Places To Visit In Jaffna

Q. Is it safe to travel to Jaffna?

A. Yes, Jaffna is absolutely safe to travel for tourists. In fact, it is much safer than Colombo at night. You can easily roam around the city during the day or at night. However, there is not much to do at night.

Q. Is Jaffna an island?

A. No, Jaffna is not an island but it is a peninsula i.e. surrounded by water on three sides. So, you will find plenty of Jaffna beaches where you can relax. India is also a peninsular country.

Q. What is Jaffna famous for?

A. Jaffna is the capital of the northern province of Sri Lanka that is known for its historical and cultural significance.

Q. What is the old name of Jaffna?

A. It was known as Yarpalnam before it was renamed during the Portuguese period. It is named after an ancient musical instrument called Yarl

Q. How populous is Jaffna?

A. It is the 12th most populous city in Sri Lanka. The region is dominated by a Hindu population. It has a conurbation population of 88,138 people.



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