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A small introduction about the city

               Galle is a town of one of the seaside towns. It is located on the Southwest coast of Sri Lanka and is the capital city of Southern Province. As the Galle Fort, this seaside town is very famous all over the world. The fort which was built by the Portuguese was later built by the Dutch as a stronghold and more fortified. Accordingly, Dutch archaeological buildings and archaeological monuments can still be seen in this South Sea. It is included in the world heritage list in 1988 due to its ancient construction.

               The look of the town is very special. Because it was created by Europeans for protection from enemies. So it is like a European city. It has a really lovely and peaceful look. It’s full of color surround you absolutely fell in love with city. There are amazing collections of European history. Would you love to get in touch with the natural beauty in city? So, why are you late? Get ready to travel here. The perfect place is to travel. It looks so peaceful.

How to arrival from Colombo

                  You can reach easily by the EX001 bus. It can take from Colombo Makumbara Bus Station. The bus reaches to Galle along the Southern Expressway and takes around 2hours.  If you like to travel by taxi take a taxi to reach easily. Otherwise, you take a train to reach to the place from Maradana Railway Station. It will get a beautiful scenic journey.

Colombo Fort to Galle (Travel Sri Lanka With Us)

How to arrival from Katunayake AirPort

If coming from Katunayake Air Port take the bus to Colombo Bastian Mawatha Bus Terminal and then take either the train from Colombo Railway Station or the bus from Colombo Fort Station. Otherwise, you can take a taxi to reach to place directly which takes around 1h 55m, covering 152km.

Bandaranaike Airport to Galle (Travel Sri Lanka With Us)

Things to do and places to visit

                  When come here if you like to find the history of this city you can collect information from heritage museums. And also you can go to temples, churches, mosques and then worship. Explore here on foot or bicycle. Then you can enjoy the beauty. Various boutiques, stylish cafes, and restaurants, comfortable hotels are found here. Many of these are owned by foreigners such as artists, designers, poets, photographers, and writers. These are lined along the little streets. Go shopping and buy souvenirs, clothes, jewelry as well as gems.

                  As unique things of the city, it makes feelings of Europe environment you that you will forget you are in Sri Lanka. Wander the whole city and little streets. Then you can feel it. Architectural of hotels, shops, and other things represent it perfectly. If you like to surf you can go to Unawatuna beach where is super for new surfers. It has pretty waves and a little bay with a coral reef. Therefore it makes you for diving. Here afternoon sun is very nice. It gives you a breathtaking sunset. Enjoy that beautiful moment in your travel Sri Lanka. Here nightlife is not perfect. Because of lots of restaurants and other shops are not open till late at night.

  • Jungle beach
    Jungle beach
  • Unawatuna
  • Dutch fort Galle
    Dutch fort Galle
  • Lighthouse

Let me tell briefly about Galle

                  So get a nice journey with travel Sri Lanka. When traveling here don’t miss these places. There are Dutch Fort, Lighthouse, National Museum of Galle, Unawatuna beach, National Maritime Archaeology Museum, Japanese Peace Pagoda, Fort Clock Tower and Jungle beach. Don’t forget to join your lovers in your travel Sri Lanka. Enjoy As you wish this journey.


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